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Each and every person in Emmkan, regardless of his role or job description, has sworn to change lives and to make an impact through his journey in Emmkan.
Nothing compares to observing the impact and change on our students, and that’s a glimpse of what students had to say about their distinct experiences with Emmkan.

“Don’t underestimate the power of those people, because those people are going to change the world! Special thanks to Emmkan’s team, who change people’s lives and mine was first! Best three days of my life and I am not even exaggerating!” – Farida El-Ashmawi, Bombastic Module.

“Here goes the story! … I was taken back by how Emmkan’s camp freed me from the barriers I’ve put between me and happiness! I was gasped in disbelief by how it killed the hesitant, insecure part of me! A 3 day camp actually changed me! I saw people with beautiful minds and warm hearts. People who actually care enough to help you be yourself! People who are good enough to affect your soul! Brighten your world and pump you with the mixture of feelings that give you life! Not only getting the best out of you, but also sharing their everything just to help you! How is this even possible? Well, my friends… it is EMMKAN, Emmkan, that actually terminated the word ‘impossible’ from my vocabulary and because deep inside I believe there are LIMITLESS POSSIBILITIES! Thank you Emmkan!” -Kholoud Mohamed, My Next Step Camp.
‘Why Emmkan? Because I want to improve my life, and Emmkan makes a difference in my life. I like what I’m doing with Emmkan and I’m always having fun with Emmkan’. -Lama Haitham; My Next Step Camp.

‘I wanted to change myself, or simply revive myself. I felt dead inside, like I lost my soul and lost my whole self. I needed self development, a push and a real motivator to become a better version of me, a happier one, that’s where Emmkan comes in, I guess’. -Anonymous

And when asked to provide one-word-feedback, these were the most common descriptions we came across; ‘Happiness’, ‘Uplifting’, ‘Spectacular’, ‘Inspirational’, ‘Limitless Possibilities’ and ‘Empowering’. –School Demos