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Our Services

In Emmkan, we are all constantly striving to fulfill our vision, and based on that, we have established a combination of distinctive services through which we impact as many lives as possible.


School Program


It goes without saying that education supposedly provides students with general knowledge, learning techniques and aims to make students more intellectual individuals. Yet, what schools offer is almost confined to what has just been mentioned, and the school doesn’t try to delve deeper into life skills that are what actually counts when it comes to confronting the real world with its challenges, opportunities, and hardships.

Based on such reality, Emmkan established the ‘School Program’ that aims to incorporate our sessions within the students’ schedule at school.

A particular syllabus is developed that covers weekly sessions for a whole year that cover from 4 to 5 modules per semester, all from Grade 7 to Grade 12. The modules are designed in a special way so that by the end of the semester/year, the student will have gained skills in a particular field, altered his misconceptions and gained tremendous amounts of information and knowledge on distinctive fields.


Crash CoursesIMG_4298

Apart from our collaborations with schools, Emmkan has its own channels through which it aims to impact students without the intrusion of the schools.
Crash Courses tackle a module through around 4-5 days/16-20 hours. These courses are designed to provide students with more knowledge regarding various sessions and topics, and to give them exposure to knowledge skills they have never possessed or even knew existed.
Crash Courses help students in opening their eyes to things that are not revealed or tackled at school, and they are specially designed based on extensive market research and focus groups that provide us with awareness of students’ needs so that the topics covered are relevant to students and entail an earnest impact on students.



Although Crash Courses are sufficient for learning and development of skills and knowledge, camps still have an edge over Crash Courses.
Through camps, students are not only exposed to an intensive number of sessions, but also get the opportunity to stay for a couple of days with a number of distinctive people, and this teaches them the power and significance of diversity, and how to deal with people from different backgrounds, communities and mindsets. Also, students have plenty of time and space to discuss issues and challenges within their lives, and Emmkan team ensures that what they have to say is listened, tackled and kept as a secret.



Ambassadorship Program

The Ambassadorship is more of a networking community that enables better communication between students and Emmkan. Student Ambassadors act as liaisons between Emmkan and their schools/networks, through a representative that airs students’ needs, concerns, requirements and feedback to Emmkan.
On the other hand, they also market for our events, sessions, summer internships and camps.