Share: Family Edition

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Share Family Edition is a game that unites family members and revives the deep bond that uniquely connects them.

The game is designed to allow fun and emotional sharing of how you view each other, evoke intriguing debates, make you relive special memories, and create a room for revealing personal sides of yourself with your beloved family.

Who is it for?
Families who want to spend quality time together, express their feelings towards one another, discuss different views over controversial topics, and reminisce on special moments shared together.

Number of cards: 80.

How to Play?

House of memories
All players should answer each question in this category.

Relive special moments with your family and share them together!

All players should answer each question in this category

Use this category to voice out your beliefs and life experiences regarding different situations.

Explore different views and learn from each family member.

No Advice
Players can choose to answer each question per turn or take turns to answer each question

Disclaimer: No Advice Allowed!

This category is not for sharing advice, but for being empathetic and present with your heart!

All players should answer each question in this category

Enjoy some quality activities and sharing with your family. It’s the little things that count!

Now, it's your time to Share!

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