Emmkan is proud to be the first and leading social emotional learning organization in Egypt.
Since 2014, Emmkan has impacted more than 30,000 individuals through its transformative sessions, workshops, camps, and other programs.
Emmkan’s founder, Ahmed Sameh, is an Engineer who is a triple Master’s degree holder in Business Marketing, International and Comparative Education, and Philosophy – with special concentrations on Social Emotional Learning and Moral Education from the AUC.
Emmkan programs are designed based on educational academic research focused on social emotional learning theories and competencies.
Emmkan programs are delivered in contemporary methods bringing a relevant and beneficial learning experience to our youth.

Emmkan’s vision is to connect with and change the lives of the younger generation.

Emmkan programs give great value towards tackling mental health issues, developing psychological attitude, improving character and behavior, as well as core skill set that is required to succeed in the workplace.