Share: Marriage Edition

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Share Marriage Edition is a game that will take every married couple on a journey full of reflections, fun moments, and deep sharing.

Who is it for?
Couples who value communication, enjoy reconnecting with each other, and seek to spend quality time together.

The game aims to:

  • Strengthen the marriage bond between partners
  • Cultivate social and emotional skills among partners
  • Enable each partner to explore deeper sides of the other
  • Enhance appreciation of the partner and the marriage
  • Empower self-esteem of each partner

The game is based on sharing and has 2 main card types: Light Cards and Deep Cards.

Number of cards: 50.

How to Play?

Mode 1:

  1. Set up the Light Cards and the Deep Cards next to each other
  2. Ladies should go first!
  3. Start with the Light Cards. Pick a card and read the question to your partner
  4. The partner should answer then ask from the same category
  5. Start the second round with the Deep Cards, then keep alternating between both categories after each round

Mode 2:

Both should answer the same card you pick up!

The cards are in English and Egyptian Arabic.

Now, it's your time to Share!

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